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Submit your design. Win a trip to Portugal and a chance to present to key influencers from major footwear brands. 

Hanig's Footwear has been one of the most prominent footwear retailers in the industry.  Peter Hanig's keen eye for functional, stylish designs has earned him ranking in the top 100 influencers in the industry by Footwear News.  Now, Hanig's Footwear is out to find the next best and brightest in shoe design.  

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Hanig's Design Incubator gives both amateur and professional designers the opportunity to get in front of leading footwear brands and influencers.  Submit your design and win a chance for a trip to Portugal to see       Fly London.  Then, return for a second trip to meet with a major U.S. based footwear brand to present your design, in additon to cash and merchandise prizes.   

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